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Child Education
Child Education


Robert (Bob) Pierce began supporting White Jade, a little girl in an orphanage in China, who was abandoned by her parents. Bob gave the warden, Tena Hoelkedoer, his last five dollars and agreed to send the same amount each month to help care for the girl.


Bob Pierce started World Vision. The child sponsorship programme began in response to the needs of hundreds of thousands of orphans of the Korean War.

World Vision India


World Vision started operations in India and subsequently set up a single-room office in Kolkata in 1958.


World Vision India started 6 childcare projects and worked with institutions for child well-being

Child Education


We embraced a broader community development model and established an emergency relief division. We also attempted to address the causes of poverty by focusing on community needs such as water, sanitation, education, health, leadership training and income generation. The World Vision of India Board was constituted in 1975 and the organisation was registered the following year under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act. We also mounted one of our largest relief operations in response to the tidal wave disaster at Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh in 1977.


With the changing times and context, our development model evolved to include Family to Family programmes and Development Assisting Centres, apart from the Institutional projects we worked with. We responded to the Bhopal Gas Tragedy in 1984.

Child Education


We moved from the Community Development Projects to Area Development Programmes. World Vision India started raising resources from within India. We responded to the earthquake in Latur and the supercyclone in Orissa.


We began the 21st century by strengthening our advocacy efforts, particularly on issues related to child survival. We became more active in working with governments, businesses and other organisations in addressing issues such as child labour, children in armed conflict and the sexual exploitation of women and children. We launched our microfinance unit, IMPACT, in 2003.

Child Education

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