Responding to the West Bengal floods

World Vision India hopes to reach out to 100,000 people with immediate relief, livelihood and shelter assistance

The death toll due to heavy rains and opening of dams in different parts of the country has risen to 180, with over 10 million people being affected. Thousands of people have been forced to take shelter in relief camps and makeshift shelters. "We saw that many people have set up makeshift tents in railway stations, as that is the only elevated structure around," said Daniel Mung, Communications specialist, travelling with an assessment team in West Bengal.

Massive flooding and numerous landslides in West Bengal, Odisha, Manipur, Rajasthan and Gujarat have affected 13,200 villages in just West Bengal alone. An estimated 10 million people in both western and eastern India have been affected. In western states, 71 people have been killed in Gujarat, and 38 have died in Rajasthan and in West Bengal, the eastern state, 83 deaths have been reported.

There has been massive damage to crops, houses, roads, and bridges across all the affected states. In the state of West Bengal alone, which has borne the maximum brunt, 107,808 houses were completely damaged and over 368,238 houses destroyed partly. Crops over an area of 797,848 hectares are damaged.

World Vision India has already started a response, by distributing food and other materials. WV India has distributed food to about 80 families that were affected in Bardhman.

"For many families, the floods have caused damage that will take years to recover from. And World Vision India is committed to stay alongside those affected not only for immediate relief, but till their lives and livelihood is restored. World Vision India is committed to bring the best of our experiences to ensure highest standards in our response," said Dr. Jayakumar Christian, National Director - World Vision India.

World Vision India is also coordinating with NGOs, community based organisations and the local Government to assess the situation and mobilise response. World Vision India is also engaging local volunteers in the response.

Urgent needs include Dry food and water, Non Food items and Hygiene kits. In its response, World Vision India is planning to provide food, non-food items and hygiene kits immediately to a population of 100,000, besides livelihood recovery support and shelter materials.

World Vision India had also responded to the landslides that happened last month in Darjeeling - distributing non-food items kits (utensils, tarpaulin, blankets, mat and bucket), dry ration, hygiene and shelter kits to 1512 families.

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