Sharmit, 9 year old Boy from Dangs, Gujarat

Click here to SponsorSharmit lives in World Vision's Project Area in Dangs, Gujarat in India.

Dangs ADP works in 47 villages in Waghai Block of the Dangs District in Gujarat state.

Dangs is one of the underdeveloped districts in Gujarat state. Life of people here revolves around agriculture. Poor sanitation facilities, poor quality of education, malnutrition and poor water storage facilities are some of the major concerns. World Vision India is implementing sustainable interventions to improve the lives of the people, especially the children, by improving educational facilities, formation and strengthening of community-based organizations, conducting training programmes, improving irrigation facilities and providing educational assistance.

Your sponsorship will ensure that your child is educated, healthy and well-nourished, aware of his/her basic rights, participates in his/her own development, and is valued, cared for and feels loved in the community. The child.s family and community will also benefit through various development initiatives.

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Your Sponsorship will provide Sharmit life's essentials including:

  • Education

  • Safe Drinking Water

  • Basic Healthcare

  • Food and Nutrition Whenever Needed

  • Immunization Against Killer Diseases.

For just Rs.27 - per day, you can entirely rewrite the destiny of Sharmit.

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