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Our Promises to Children

Reduce Malnutrition and Childhood Illnesses

Reduce levels of moderate and severe malnutrition among children below 5 years of age. Promote right treatment for childhood illnesses such as diarrhoea and pneumonia among children below 5 years.

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Enhance Quality Education

Help children demonstrate mastery of basic literacy, numeracy, along with life skills and values in an age-appropriate manner. Ensure to improve quality in education at all levels.

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Strengthen Child Participation and Protection Systems

Promote age-appropriate active child participation in family, school and community. Strengthen the protection and safety of children through a systemic approach.

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Build Resilient Communities

Ensure culture of resilience and safety at all levels to disasters. Invest and strengthen sustainable livelihood opportunities both at household and community level to enhance economic resilience. Equip and empower children, youth and women to be resilient.

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Our Work in 2015


Reducing Malnutrition and Childhood Illnesses

Focused efforts on child health contributed to the decrease in number of underweight children (below 5 years) by 13.1%
Strengthen village health, sanitation and nutrition committees through capacity building and joint monitoring mechanisms with the government
Continue advocacy and government engagement focusing on capacity building of frontline workers on child health and nutrition

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Enhance Quality Education

The secondary school completion rate among girls is better than boys, with provision of cycles and school fees assistance and infrastructure support being contributing factors
92.6% of SMCs are functional in states with effective implementation of RTE

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Strengthen Child Protection and Participation Systems

Participation in children's clubs is 60% across India, with ADPs in 11 states reporting 76%
Higher community involvement through Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) and Self-Help Groups (SHGs) has enabled sustainability of SHGs and LSTDs even after World Vision India’s transition

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Building Resilient Communities

Families assisted with microfinance were able to meet education, healthcare and nutrition needs better
Focused efforts on women empowerment, de-addiction and gender-integrated programmes have led to a decrease in domestic violence (23% as compared to the national average of 37%)

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Promoting Value-Based Governance

48% of the communities used local level advocacy to address issues related to child wellbeing
The Block Operational Strategy implemented across 40 ADPs has led to better alliances with Government and local partners and improvement in service delivery

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Hear from our Sponsors & Donors

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Navami Krishna Caroline James Vasanthan
Rajdeep Mahesh Bhupati Pooja
Pamela Chopra Archisman Chatterjee

Navami Krishna

High School Student & World Vision India Child Sponsor

I was inspired by the story of Malala who stood to fight for the girl's right for education. Being a fortunate girl child living in Abu Dhabi with my parents I thought of what difference I could make for these little friends. We heard about the child sponsorship program of World Vision India and decided to sponsor a girl child to support her to aim high and to make her dream come true.

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9-year-old World Vision India Child Sponsor

I am willing to give up my birthday gift and help a child like Nikitha. I’m sure my parents will provide for my needs. I want to become a fashion designer when I grow up; after each fashion show, I would like to use my profits to sponsor children in need.

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James Vasanthan

Music Composer & Wold Vision India Child Sponsor

I believe that when a girl child receives education it benefits the society at large. World Vision India inspires, motivates and most importantly reminds all of us of the needs around us. You will be amazed at the way in which your contribution helps an entire community.

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Rajdeep Sardesai

News Anchor & World Vision India Child Sponsor

As a family, we sponsor a child. Being able to change a life gives us great satisfaction. We hope others will be inspired to do the same. Nothing gives more joy than empowering those who need it most.

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Mahesh Bhupati

Indian Tennis Star & World Vision India Child Sponsor

I feel very happy and blessed to be instrumental in helping an underprivileged child through World Vision India, and enabling her to enjoy what she might never have otherwise.

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South Indian Actress & World Vision India Child Sponsor

World Vision India’s Child Sponsorship programme helps me engage in a social cause. This small gesture satisfies my conscience and gives me peace.

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Pamela Chopra

Playback Singer & World Vision India Child Sponsor

I hope that the ten children I sponsor will make a mark in life. My aspirations for them are unlimited! But even ten children are droplets when you consider the ocean of need around you.

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Archisman Chatterjee

World Vision India Child Sponsor:

Mr. Archisman Chatterjee visited his sponsored child, Rajak, in Marudhara Area Development Programme(ADP) in Rajasthan. Mr. Chatterjee feels it is the responsibility of all sponsors to visit their sponsored children and witness the changes sponsorship brings about in their lives and in the community.

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Success Story


"Education will help me become somebody when I grow up and this feeling is great", says Subera.

Subera used to work in a stone quarry till the age of 10, and now she is an enthusiastic student. Send children like Subera to school.

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