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How Gift Catalogue Works

How GC Works

Say, you would like to give a cow for a family

How GC Works

You make a contribution and your contribution goes to the project where a family in need of a cow lives

How GC Works

The project staff purchase and hand over the cow to a family eagerly looking forward to the gift

How GC Works

The cow starts a change. The family starts selling the cow’s milk and their economic condition improves. The children become healthy

How GC Works

Project staff prepare a report on the gift and its impact on the family

How GC Works

The report reaches you. You share this success on social media and your friends start gifting too!

Stories of change

Success Story

How hygiene changed my life

11-year old Varsha learns about the importance of practicing hygienic habits. A simple awareness programmes has led to behaviour change in the primitive indigenous tribe.


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Donors Speak

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Donor Speak

Caroline C. D'Souza

World Vision India Donor

Over my ten year association with World Vision India, the organisation has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to help someone somewhere live a better life and make a future for themselves. Knowing that a child is happy with my gift is priceless!


Empowering girls and women increases their confidence and gives wings to their dreams and aspirations. It is critical to achieving gender equality and thereby creating inclusive societies. Join hands with us and help improve the status of the girl child.