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3-year-old Kanishkasri, daughter of Logasundaram was moderately underweight and weighed only 10 kgs She was enrolled in World Vision India’s UMANG (Urgent Mangament and Action for Nutritional Growth) programme which started on 12th June 2017. After 30 days into the programme, Kanishkasri’s weight increased to 11 kgs. After 60 days of the programme she weighed 13 kgs. Kanishkasri’s mother, Saraswathi says her daughter now eats healthy food. Saraswathi has learnt to make a variety of new recipes that Kanishkasri likes. Even when Saraswathi forgets to go for the UMANG meetings, Kanishkasri reminds her to go.

Impact 1

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Food Basket Programme

To combat malnourishment among children, we use the Food Basket Programme. Children who are severely malnourished are referred to a health facility such as a nutrition rehabilitation centre for medical and therapeutic intervention. After that, we educate the mothers/caregivers on feeding practices. Once the children are discharged from the facility, we give them food basket for a period of 6 months. Food basket contains essential ingredients necessary to prepare a nutritious meal.

Impact 2

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Saraswathi says she is happy to be part of this cooking and feeding programme as she learns and interacts with other mothers. All children are now eating well because of change in the taste. “Previously I was not aware about the preparation of healthy snacks that can be prepared at home, now I can prepare some items at home because of the learnings that I received through UMANG training”, says Saraswathi.

Impact 3

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Mary’s son 14-month-old Jeevan was identified as a severe acute malnourished child. He was so weak that he could barely walk. After being identified as severly malnourished, World Vision India referred Jeevan to the Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre (NRC). After treatment at the NRC, his family was given a food basket containing all essential, nutritious ingredients. Mary was taught to prepare nutritious meals. Today, Jeevan has gained weight and is no more a malnourished child. He is normal, his appetite has improved and he is active.

Impact 4

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Kanaka’s 4-year-old son Puneet now regularly attends the health and nutrition session conducted in the communities we serve in Visakhapatnam. Puneet was also severely malnourished and referred to the Nutrition Rehabilitation Center (NRC). Kanaka was instructed on healthy cooking and was given a food basket to support Puneet’s progress. He has also gained weight by one kg.

Impact 5

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Kashish stands on a scale to get her weight checked at the anganwadi. The playful 5-year-old was once listless and lethargic. Her personality perked up once she gained weight as her mother Solenka learned to cook more nutritious food at the anganwadi. World Vision India supports anganwadis in its programme by identifying and addressing malnutrition among children.

Impact 6

Where are we fighting hunger

In ten locations, Area Development Programmes run by World Vision India and supported by 24 hr famine, work to fight malnutrition and hunger through various programs.