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Each of us can make a difference. And together, we can make a bigger impact towards curbing malnutrition among children. When you pledge your support, you join us in believing that a hunger-free nation is possible. You rally others by sharing stories of success, best practices and impact from the communities that World Vision India works, showing the possibility of a better, healthier future for children.

World Vision India’s Hunger-Free campaign

Sadly, 3000 children die in India every day due to malnutrition. Through the hunger-free campaign, we holistically respond to many facets of malnutrition and help save lives. We address the root causes of the issue and bring about just solutions to the complex issue of hunger and malnutrition. We are a proven and dedicated partner in ending malnutrition. Our relationship with vulnerable communities is a partnership of mutual respect, empowerment and accountability. We provide immediate food for today and empower families to produce their own food for tomorrow.

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