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Sponsorship is more than contributing every month. You as a sponsor are given the opportunity of transforming a child’s life through and through. You bring hope to an entire community and pave way for a better tomorrow. Today World Vision serves 2,25,000 children, their families and communities and this was possible only through sponsors like you. All of our child sponsors will certainly vouch for the fact that child sponsorship has changed their lives too. Hear from others sponsors to know more



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Caroline C. D'SouzaWorld Vision India Donor

Over my ten year association with World Vision India, the organisation has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to help someone somewhere live a better life and make a future for themselves. Knowing that a child is happy with my gift is priceless!

Vijay KapoorWorld Vision India child sponsor

Money is just a medium to achieve one's aspirations in life. A person is not rich or poor based on his or her bank balance, so we are correct in saying that sharing is caring. This was the premise to join World Vision family and have an extended family.

Adam GilchristAustralian Cricketer & World Vision Child Sponsor

Mangesh and I have been getting to know each other well. As a kid, I saw my parents sponsor children through World Vision. Now I have my own child and this is what I want to do.

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