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Our Latest Work

Certificate of Appreciation

World Vision India’s project in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, received a Certificate of Appreciation from Hon’ble Sri. Amarnatha Reddy for outstanding and remarkable services done throughout the year 2017 and for bringing hope into the lives of vulnerable children.

Mobile Clinic to the rescue

Thanks to the Ford Mobile Clinic, Ponamma was saved from a near-death experience. The Mobile Clinic was launched by World Vision India and Ford to provide health services for children and families living in remote locations. More than 18,544 children and adults have benefited through the Mobile Clinic since its launch in 2016.

A HungerFree India is Possible

India ranks 100 among 119 countries on the Global Hunger Index (GHI) indicating alarming hunger levels. But, we believe a #HungerFree India is possible. Each of us can make a difference. And together, we can make a bigger impact towards curbing malnutrition among children. World Vision India is a proven and dedicated partner in the fight to end hunger and malnutrition— even in the hard to reach places. Join us in our fight against hunger and malnutrition

Congratulations Oviya!

Oviya has completed her engineering course from Sathyabama, Chennai, and is now placed in a reputed IT firm. A big thank you to Sathyabama University for supporting her studies. Oviya, a lively and cheerful 21-year-old, was World Vision India’s sponsored child.

Green today for kids tomorrow

28 employees from Thomson Reuters provided awareness on hygiene and environment conservation through street plays in the communities we serve in Gundlupet, Karnataka. Papaya and pomegranate saplings were distributed to families and even planted in some households. Tree guards were put up to ensure that saplings grow well and are sustained for the future.

Our new project

World Vision India along with Unicef India launched the CANAH project for neonatal and maternal health in Bilaspur. Cabinet minister, Mr. Agarwal officially inaugurated the project.

Fire drills

Children and youth from a community we serve in Delhi were trained on fire safety. This community was razed by fire last year. We had provided them with relief and now we are training them to be first responders.

Suraj goes to Germany

Suraj Kumar our sponsored child from the communities we serve in Imphal is among the 15 boys from Manipur selected by the TATA Trusts and U Sports for a premier collaborative football-training programme in Germany. They will be training in Germany for six years and are optimistic in making a mark in the FIFA World Cup 2026.

Child Friendly Space

A CFS (Child Friendly Space) centre in Bhojpur helped 350 children recover from distress due to the floods last year. The CFS had created an environment where children were absorbed in fun, laughter and games.

Wall Paintings

Walls painting in the communities we serve in Jaipur with child helpline nos, help children and families come forward in reporting cases of abuse and violence.

Digital Classrooms

Through the Lions Clubs India and World Vision India education project, 1290 children learn through digital classrooms.

Pune Partners Meet

A Partners Meet was organized in Pune on June 4th. Around 86 sponsors participated in the event. World Vision India makes it a point to connect with sponsors every quarter in different cities. Sponsors are enlightened on the progress of the community and the issues prevalent there.

Drought Relief

World Vision India is actively responding to the affected children and families. At present, we are focussing on 12 districts in 6 states viz. Telegana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Odisha.


145 women participated on behalf of World Vision India in the marathon organized by Pinkathon on June 5th. The Pinkathon is India’s Biggest Women’s Run, created with the specific purpose of getting women to adopt a fitter lifestyle for themselves and their families, and to highlight the need for increased awareness on other issues that put women’s lives at risk.

Lions Clubs Partnership

International Association of Lions Clubs partners with World Vision India to support 25,000 children's education. The campaign will focus on ensuring quality education in approximately 200 Government schools across the country where World Vision India serves. It is our joy to see lives being enlightened through this programme.

Stories of change

Empowering Women

If you think it's not a woman’s job to fix a hand pump? These women will prove you wrong. 53 women from the communities we serve in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh participated in a practical training programme conducted by World Vision India.


The goats helped Vidhya get better

World Vision India provided Vidhya’s family with a pair of goats in 2015 and again in 2016. Before this, her parents were daily wage labourers. But now the family has 22 goats and they make a living by selling the goats. The goat's milk also provides nutrition for Vidhya and her brother Prince


Heena and Arti learn the art of combat

17-year-old Heena and her 16-year-old friend Arti were among the 250 girls from their neighbourhood who participated in the self-defense classes organised by World Vision India in partnership with the Delhi police. The girls have learned different techniques to escape physical assault and the tools to confront and report harassment.


A Gift of a Medicated Mosquito Net

As three-year-old Ruthi lay sick in her bed, her parents knew something was terribly wrong with their daughter. She had an excruciating headache, a fever, and kept vomiting every now and then. With hours going by, she was almost lying lifeless on her bed.



Kashish stands on a scale to get her weight checked at the anganwadi. The playful 5-year-old was once listless and lethargic. Her personality perked up once she gained weight as her mother Solenka learned to cook more nutritious food at the anganwadi. World Vision India supports anganwadis in its programme by identifying and addressing malnutrition among children.


Saraswathi says she is happy to be part of this cooking and feeding programme as she learns and interacts with other mothers. All children are now eating well because of change in the taste. “Previously I was not aware about the preparation of healthy snacks that can be prepared at home, now I can prepare some items at home because of the learnings that I received through UMANG training”, says Saraswathi.


Mary’s son 14-month-old Jeevan was identified as a severe acute malnourished child. He was so weak that he could barely walk. After being identified as severly malnourished, World Vision India referred Jeevan to the Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre (NRC). After treatment at the NRC, his family was given a food basket containing all essential, nutritious ingredients. Mary was taught to prepare nutritious meals. Today, Jeevan has gained weight and is no more a malnourished child. He is normal, his appetite has improved and he is active.

Food Basket Programme

To combat malnourishment among children, we use the Food Basket Programme. Children who are severely malnourished are referred to a health facility such as a nutrition rehabilitation centre for medical and therapeutic intervention. After that, we educate the mothers/caregivers on feeding practices. Once the children are discharged from the facility, we give them food basket for a period of 6 months. Food basket contains essential ingredients necessary to prepare a nutritious meal.


3-year-old Kanishkasri, daughter of Logasundaram was moderately underweight and weighed only 10 kgs She was enrolled in World Vision India’s UMANG (Urgent Mangament and Action for Nutritional Growth) programme which started on 12th June 2017. After 30 days into the programme, Kanishkasri’s weight increased to 11 kgs. After 60 days of the programme she weighed 13 kgs. Kanishkasri’s mother, Saraswathi says her daughter now eats healthy food. Saraswathi has learnt to make a variety of new recipes that Kanishkasri likes. Even when Saraswathi forgets to go for the UMANG meetings, Kanishkasri reminds her to go.


Kanaka’s 4-year-old son Puneet now regularly attends the health and nutrition session conducted in the communities we serve in Visakhapatnam. Puneet was also severely malnourished and referred to the Nutrition Rehabilitation Center (NRC). Kanaka was instructed on healthy cooking and was given a food basket to support Puneet’s progress. He has also gained weight by one kg.

How We Work

For as little as Rs. 800 a month, Child Sponsorship helps give a whole community access to life's basic essentials. This contribution from our supporters enables us to systematically invest in the ideal environment for child development.



We work to ensure children are educated for life through collective efforts in improving the quality of education and learning outcomes at different levels through infrastructure support, remedial education more

Gender and Development

Gender and Development

We work with families and communities to eliminate negative cultural attitudes and strengthen their roles in improving the status of the girl child. Girl child education is encouraged through tuition more

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Our work on WASH/WATSAN focuses on providing children and families with access to clean drinking water and promoting good hygiene and sanitation practices through construction of toilets in schools, homes and more



Our livelihood interventions enable families to enhance income and provide better for their children. World Vision India provides economic assistance for better agriculture, livestock and small more



We work to address the causes of malnutrition with special focus on children below 5 years, pregnant women and mothers through counseling, emergency feeding programmes, nutrition gardens, health worker training more



We work to address the challenges of children with disabilities at all levels of society by forming and strengthening disabled peoples’ organisations, providing wheelchairs, facilitating better infrastructure for children with disabilities more

Humanitarian Emergency Assistance

Humanitarian Emergency Assistance

World Vision India brings life-saving support in times of disaster. We are committed to long-term rehabilitation, helping communities affected by natural disasters or conflicts get back on their more



We work with the government to build a nation fit for children. Our advocacy initiatives are focussed on creating an environment that helps children reach their potential and where children and families have equitable access to services entitled to more

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