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BBMP, Baxter International Foundation and World Vision India launch Sisu Janani Seva, a mobile health application

Mobile application focuses on pre- and postnatal services and aims to benefit some 42,700 households across 17 slums in Bangalore

Bangalore, 26 Feb 2016: Bruhat Bengaluru MahanagaraPallike (BBMP) Bangalore's Health Department, Baxter International Foundation, and World Vision India have announced the launch of Sisu Janani Seva, a mobile health application which would enable the Junior Health Assistant Female (JrHAF) staff to better monitor the health status of underprivileged women, during and post pregnancy and the immunization of children aged two years and below. Through the video and audio features in the mobile application, the staff can continue to provide vital healthcare information and counselling to these women during their pregnancy and post natal care.

As a pilot study in Bangalore, the mobile application will initially be used by the JrHAF staff from three Primary Health Centres across three wards -  Gangondanahalli, Avalahalli and Pantharpalya. This project aims to create awareness among families, especially pregnant women, of the importance of using pre and postnatal services. The project is expected to directly benefit 3,000 pregnant women and 2,800 children aged two years and below, and to indirectly benefit household members (heads of households, immediate family including siblings and other children) in the 17 slums that is supported by the World Vision's Bangalore Urban Area Development Program. In the initial phase, 12 JrHAF staff and 24 Accredited Social Health Activist workers will be trained to use the mobile health application.

Anish Bafna, Baxter's Region Head for Emerging Asia said, "Baxter's commitment to sustainability complements the company's mission to save and sustain lives by creating lasting social, environmental and economic value for all stakeholders including the communities in which we live and work. Baxter International Foundation shares the same aspirations as BBMP and World Vision to improve the health of the underprivileged and is pleased to support the mobile health application which enables the use of digital technology to advance care in the community."

The mobile application will allow community health workers to access information easily and remotely byreplacing difficult-to-use bound ledgers with this simple mobile application. On the basis of a review of its impact on the existing health system on maternal and child care intervention, this programme will be scaled up to 198 wards of the city in close coordination and partnership with BBMP.

The Baxter International Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Baxter International Inc. The Foundation's fundamental purpose is to make a positive and lasting impact on healthcare and the health of communities globally. For more information about the Baxter International Foundation, please visit:

For media queries, please contact:
Teresa Sahaya, World Vision India
+91 9840232138;

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