It takes every Indian to end child sexual abuse

With the aim of catalysing a global movement of people committed to keeping children safe from harm, World Vision launched a new global campaign, ‘It takes a world to end violence against children,’ in November 2016. It happens in every country, city and community. World Vision believes it is a violation of the life God desires for every child.

Aligning with the global campaign, World Vision India launched a nation-wide campaign, ‘It takes every Indian to end child sexual abuse,’ in May 2017. The campaign aims at ending child sexual abuse in India, by 2021. It targets 10 million children across 25 States and 1 Union Territory of India

Child sexual abuse was chosen as the campaign focus as the number of children facing sexual violence is on the rise every day. Statistics (Study on Child Abuse: 2007, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India) show that 53.22 percent of children in India face one or more forms of sexual abuse. According to the report, India is home to the largest number of sexually abused children. Moreover, around 15,000 cases of sexual offence against children were registered under POCSO Act in 2015.This is a 67.5% increase from 2014 (National Crime Records Bureau).

The five-year campaign will be launched separately in various states of India with the aim of having a contextual and local flavour wherever it is run. Around 18 state launches have been planned of which launches in Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Bhopal, Ranchi and Chennai have happened so far. The campaign will encourage the public to address attitudes which condone sexual abuse and exploitation of children. World Vision India will conduct training sessions for parents on child protection and parenting, both at household and community levels. School safety programs, child protection policies, awarenesss programmes for adolescent girls and complaint mechanisms will be initiated.

The launches also aim to bring together youth, teachers, school students and various government departments and policy-making bodies like the legal, social justice, police and education department, towards the common goal of ending child sexual abuse.

“We look forward to engaging with people from all walks of life towards ensuring a violence free environment for our children,” said Cherian Thomas, National Director, World Vision India. In a country where one in every ten children is abused at any given point of time, World Vision India’s campaign will also focus on strengthening the existing child protection programs by partnering with multiple stakeholders and other faith-based and civil society organisations.

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Ms. Yogita Limaye meets her sponsored child Vasika at the Mumbai Partners Meet in Feb '16.

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