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The transformational club

Six months ago, Poonam could neither read nor write. Her vocabulary was limited to the alphabets that she was taught in school. Today, she is able to confidently read passages from books as a result of the Literacy Boost programme.

The transformational club

“World Vision India, in partnership with Save the Children, launched the Literacy Boost programme at Lalitpur (Aparajita) and has successfully impacted 564 children, of which, 472 are regularly attending reading clubs, an activity in the programme.” says Sandip, the literacy coordinator from World Vision.

Poonam is one such girl from Chaubara, a village in Lalitpur district, where 35 children are participating in the weekly reading club.

“The reading club is fun. Learning is easy with so many activites to help us learn. We sing, we draw, we play and we read and write. Reading is my favourite.” says Poonam.

Ajay, the reading camp facilitator, says, “None of the children here were able to fully read or write when they first joined. The reading club has helped them develop their reading and comprehension skills considerably.” 

“In addition to various reading activities at the reading club we also provide Book Banks for children to take home books to read. At present there are 21 Book Banks distributed in 10 of our target areas.” says Sandip.

However, learning doesn’t stop for Poonam at the reading club. The literacy boost program also engages the community to play an active role in the children’s education outside of school. 

The Community Action programme, another component of the Literacy Boost initiative, was introduced in 2015 to promote literacy through community mobilisation.

Poonam’s mother, Mamta, is one of the parents participating in this program. “As a parent, I’m taught to encourage and further develop Poonam’s reading and comprehension skills using communication tools.” she says. “I try and practice at home what we are taught and make the effort to talk with Poonam regularly and ensure that she fully comprehends what I say.” 

Sharda, Poonam’s teacher says, “Literacy Boost has succeeded in making the process of learning easier for the children. The programme also provides us a teachers training course, where we are taught new teaching methods that are more effective in improving a child’s reading and comprehension ability.” 

“Poonam was weak in class. She was shy, didn’t participate in classroom activities and barely came to school. Her reading skills have improved significantly since World Vision introduced the programme in the community. She has gained confidence and attends school regularly now.” says Sharda.

“I like school much more now. I no longer have to be scared that I can’t read. Reading and learning is now my favourite part about school.” Poonam tells me, when I ask her how she feels about her new found reading skills.

As Poonam continues to participate in reading clubs, she, and many like her, are well on their way to possessing a strong grasp on their reading skills with a little help from their community members and school teachers. 

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