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Simple Dreams

Martha, 14, is the first in her family to ever go to school. Her elder sister was never interested in studies and her parents and the generations before them never went to school either.

Simple Dreams

“World Vision India opened our eyes to the importance of education. I have seen how educated people lead better lives than us. I want my children too to have a better life than mine. So I send my children to school,” says Limugini, Martha’s mother, who bore her first child when she was just a year or two older than Martha.

Their little house is on a hill in the district of Daringbadi in Odisha, one of the most beautiful places in the country. With dreams of becoming an English teacher one day, Martha day starts as early as 4am every day. She helps her mother clean the house, cook and fill water in vessels and buckets.

Before this, everyone in Martha’s village and the nearby villages had to walk long distances to fetch water. World Vision later built a water tank way up on the hill, where water collects and is then distributed to every house through pipes.

“This saves a lot of time for us. Otherwise, I used to miss school or go late to school because I had to fetch water,” says Martha.

The first thing that Martha wants to do after she completes her education is to go to the Mahanadhi River in Cuttack. “I have never gone anywhere outside my village. And I have read about this river in my Oriya lessons and want to go there at least once,” she says when asked which place she wants to visit if she got a chance to go out of her village.

The innocence and limited exposure to the outside world means children like Martha require education on many other aspects apart from what they learn at school. World Vision India conducts regular training's for adolescent girls on hygiene, general health and nutrition.

“I know that all that I’m learning through World Vision’s programs is going to help me a lot. I really don’t know how, but I know that it will,” says Martha.

As for her mother, her dream for Martha is simple, “I want her to be employed in an office where she will go in the morning and return in the evening and get a salary every month. I don’t want her to struggle with daily wages and do hard labour like us.”

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Back to School

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