It takes Chhatisgarh to end child sexual abuse and exploitation


World Vision India’s campaign, “It takes every Indian to End Child Sexual Abuse” targets 10 million children across 25 States and 1 Union Territory


World Vision India (WVI), a humanitarian organisation working for child protection launched its national campaign to end child sexual abuse and exploitation by 2021, in Raipur today. Mrs. Ramshila Sahu, Hon’ble Minister, Women & Child Development, Chhattisgarh launched the campaign titled “It takes every Indian to End Child Sexual Abuse”.  World Vision India partnered with UNICEF to launch the campaign in Chhattisgarh. The launch included a panel discussion on ‘Ending Children Sexual Abuse and Exploitation in India’ and raised concerns on issues of child protection and the need to address them collectively. 

The magnitude of sexual violence against children is unknown. To address the issue and to break the silence around child abuse and exploitation World Vision India has created a holistic campaign that is expected to impact 10 million children (0 – 18 years).  Cherian Thomas, CEO and National Director of World Vision India said, “Child sexual abuse violates children’s right to survival, health and education. Breaking the silence around child sexual abuse will encourage people to report cases of child abuse. Through this campaign we aim to work with people from all walks of life to end child sexual abuse and create a safe environment for them.”

The campaign will encourage the public to address values and attitudes, which condone sexual abuse and exploitation of children. World Vision India will also train parents on child protection, parenting and care at household level and within the community, facilitate school safety program, conduct comprehensive school safety measures for children, establish child protection policies and improve complaint mechanisms in schools. Sexual harassment awareness sessions will also be conducted at the anganwadi centres for adolescent girls.

The campaign will also focus on strengthening existing child protection programs through multi-stakeholder engagement efforts that will include working with the Integrated Child Protection Scheme and child protection units to strengthen the reporting, referral mechanisms and support programs for child protection incidents, organizing inter-agency child protection review to ensure co-operation and accountability, sensitize and train police, teachers, doctors, Auxiliary nurse midwife, lawyers, etc. to be sensitive with children and their families when faced with a case. Additionally, it will work to strengthen coalitions of community, faith-based and civil society organizations to advocate for the protection of children and improve referral systems.


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