Stories of change

The wind beneath their wings

This lively young bunch are members of the Udaan group, a Child Protection Unit (CPU) in Jaipur. The group takes complete ownership of child participation, protection and also monitors the children living in the communities we serve. Udaan is a catalyst for social action in the community.


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Born to run

The medals tell us that Ankit is a winner. And a winner he is! Coming from the communities we serve in North West Delhi, Ankit discovered his talents when he won track events in a city level athletics meet organised by World Vision India in September 2015. Since then, there has been no turning back.

Wipe the slate clean

Lack of toilets is a matter of dignity for a woman. After toilets were provided to the communities we serve in Dangs, Gujarat, the women and girl children there heaved a sigh of relief. "I can go to the toilet whenever I want" says Elisa.

Tears mooed away

Nirmala lost her husband to Hepatitis B when her youngest child was just seven months old. With no steady income source, Nirmala wished for a miracle; then a cow mooed their tears away.

Fruit of Transformation

Families living in the communities we serve are not aware of malnutrition and its side-effects. One of the many ways in which we help them is by providing kitchen gardening seeds. Cultivating vegetables in their own backyard gives families easy access to nutritious food.

How hygiene changed my life

11-year old Varsha learns about the importance of practicing hygienic habits. A simple awareness programmes has led to behaviour change in the primitive indigenous tribe.

One bicycle makes a big difference

A bicycle now helps Christina go to school regularly and on time. Most girl children are not allowed to go to school owing to long distances and the fatigue they experience due to walking. A bicycle is the best solution for them.

Found Safe

"The school informed me that Disha hadn’t reached. A state of panic gripped me. She was nowhere to be found," says Dharmender, Disha’s father. World Vision India's Child Protection Unit was able to trace and bring back little Disha to her parents. She was saved from being trafficked.

In good company

At an age where he was supposed to read books, he used to carry piles of books tirelessly all day long. His large family had no proper source of income, sending him to work was the only option for Mohsin's mother. Luckily Mohsin found a way out!

Living in harmony

Married at a very young age, Renu and Devinder faced a lot of hardships. When Devinder abandoned the family, it made it all the more difficult for Renu who had to solely take care of her children. With no income at hand all she could see was despair and darkness. Then one fine day, Chuja Munna came along and changed their lives.

A healthy me

After much counselling and constant follow up, Rajanti brought little Yamini who was severely malnourished to the Malnutrition Treatment Centre (MTC), strengenthed by World Vision India. Through regular visits, Rajanthi learnt about nutritious feeding enabling Yamini to regain health.

Joy Ride

Walking to school every day used to exhaust Mita. She missed classes and her grades fell. But all that stopped after she received a bicycle a World Vision India. Education is no longer a far-fetched dream for Mita.

The transformational club

Poonam used to be shy away from classes because of her inability to read. The literacy boost programme has helped her read efficiently. Now she no longer hesitates to go to school. She loves to read and is regular to school now.

From student to teacher

Sometimes motivation is all one needs to trigger the zeal inside of them.Sadhna's participation in the LSTD programme kindled the talent inside her. She now writes poems and also take classes for younger children attending the LSTD programme.

To Be or Not to Be

Suffering stigma and discrimination, life was not kind for Urmila. But then came the second chances. Through training and counseling Urmila was able to take care of herself and her newborn. Timely interventions make a world of a difference.

A Healthy Childhood

Severely malnourished Bhola receiving timely health support and moved from being severe to mildly malnourished. The UMANG feeding program teaches mothers to provide nutritious food for their children.

Happy Smiles of a Healthy Childhood

Keerthi had a breathing problem making it difficult for her lead a normal life. Her parents were worried and wondered if their daughter would survive. Fortunately, Keerthi received timely medical assistance and now enjoys a happy healthy life.

The Fragrance of Victory

Trading the ladle for a pencil, Kushboo began her journey of enlightenment through education. With no basic foundations, the transition wasn’t smooth but her vigour to learn kept her going. She finally broke the bondages and became the first person in her family to go to school.

Simple Dreams

Martha's dream is as simple as visiting River Mahanadhi after she completes her studies. She read about it in one of her lessons. A child's limited exposure to the outside world can only be liberated through education.

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