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Life on the streets is certainly not easy,with mere survival becoming an ordeal. But for many children in India, the streets are the only home they’ll know. With very little protection,these children are vulnerable to all forms of abuse, be it physical, sexual or psychological.

But the good news is that you can make a difference to some vulnerable children.

Pokhri’s story is a classic example of how one act of kindness on your part can bring hope and promise in the life of a child on the street.

Pokhri's earliest memories of childhood are of roaming the streets of Kolkata begging for food and money. Her little feet would scamper down crowded metros and junctions in search of a 'kind face'.

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But often, the people she approached weren't kind. By the time she turned 8, Pokhri was used to the abuses and violence that people hurled at her. When World Vision staff found her, Pokhri's communication skills were very poor and she was unable to relate with other children. The doctors diagnosed her as being 'mentally retarded'.

But today, at the home for adolescent girls, funded by World Vision, Pokhri is equipped with skills like painting, doll making and embroidery to ensure that she will never have to go back to begging. "I will never go back to the streets," she says emphatically. "I want to become a teacher and help other girls like me. Everybody should go to school!"

When you partner with children like Pokhri, you are changing their destiny forever! There are thousands of children like Pokhri all over our country... children who need just one opportunity to make something of their lives.

An act of love on your part will make a huge difference by helping to provide needy children like Pokhri with school textbooks, notebooks, stationery, uniforms and tuitionfees, along with nutritious food and a short stay home. Your love does matter!

World Vision is intervening in the lives of "street children" by gathering them together in non-formal education centers where they are provided with nutritious food and basic education, and equipped with life skills that will help them earn money. Many of these children eventually join regular schools.

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