How Child Sponsorship Works?

When a Sponsor decides to help a needy child, the first step would be to browse through the child photo gallery and select a child from one of our projects.Then, the Sponsor pledges to support the child and the child's family and community through a regular monthly contribution.

World Vision's staff are highly dedicated and live among the needy communities, working along with them to provide for the sponsored child's education, health and nutritional needs.

World Vision believes that the best way to change the life of a child is to change the world to which he/she belongs. World Vision helps the child's family by creating livelihood opportunities and by providing them with training and assistance. The community is assisted through awareness programmes and construction of roads, check dams, water sheds, irrigation facilities, sanitation facilities, school infrastructure, etc.

World Vision leaves the area only after a lasting impact has been made and the community becomes self-reliant.

When a person becomes a child sponsor, he/she will receive a photo of the child along with the child's story and background details. Sponsors will be updated about their child's progress through annual progress reports.

The Sponsor can correspond with the sponsored child through letters. If the child is very young or does not know how to write, the project staff will help him/her to write or they will write on behalf of the child.

Thus, Child Sponsorship enables a one-to-one relationship between the sponsor and the child, helping sponsors in making a big difference in the lives of children, their families and entire communities through a small, regular contribution.