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Child Sponsorship is a meaningful relationship between the sponsor and the child. World Vision's Child Sponsorship programme brings hope to more than 2,15,000 children in India through 40,000 child sponsors. All of our child sponsors can vouch for the fact that child sponsorship has changed their lives…making it rewarding and challenging, all at the same time.

Here's how child sponsorship has rewarded the lives of some of our sponsors.


We feel greatly blessed to sponsor a few children through World Vision India. Thanks to the unique child sponsorship programme, our little contribution is making a big difference in the lives of children. It is important to realize that every kid doesn't have the same luxuries as our kids do. All of us can do our bit to ensure every child has a fair chance in life.

Mayank Kedia

World Vision Child Sponsor


Every new born comes with a message that God still loves the world. We are his children scattered all over - some rich, some poor, some blessed and some who wish to be. Each time I look at a child seeking hope, I realize how blessed I am. Through World Vision, I am able to give and connect to needy children. I believe no one has ever become poor by giving and I wish everyone would give. As said, "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.


World Vision Child Sponsor


I was able to sponsor 2 children Dhinesh and Pradeep through World Vision's unique Child Sponsorship program. It has made me feel good to be able to reach out to children who are in need and through them the community where they live

Chitra Mohan

World Vision Child Sponsor


This is how we get joy, satisfaction and energy—by knowing that somewhere someone is living a better life is incomparable to any other joy.

Tanmay Sheth

World Vision Child Sponsor



I am extremely happy to be a part of world Vision’s work, as I have always appreciated their work in the area of holistic child development. It is important for all of us to work towards ensuring that no child is denied the access to education.

Pamela Chopra

World Vision Child Sponsor


"As a family, we sponsor a child. Being able to change a life gives us great satisfaction. We hope others will be inspired to do the same. Nothing gives more joy than empowering those who need it most."

Rajdeep Sardesai
World Vision Child Sponsor

Mahesh Bhupathi

"I feel very happy and blessed to be instrumental in helping an underprivileged child through World Vision and enabling her to enjoy what she might never have otherwise."

Mahesh Bhupati
Indian Tennis Star & World Vision Child Sponsor


"World Vision Child Sponsorship helps me engage in a social cause. This small gesture satisfies my conscience and gives me peace."

South Indian Actress & World Vision Child Sponsor

"8-year-old Mangesh and I have been getting to know each other well. A few language difficulties, but it’s OK. When I was growing up, my parents also sponsored children through World Vision. Now I have my own children and this is what I wanted to do."

Adam Gilchrist
Australian Cricketer & World Vision ChildSponsor

"I hope that these ten children I sponsor will make a mark in life. My aspirations for them are unlimited! Helping to make a Sachin Tendulkar, Sunitha Williams or Bill Gates would indeed be a privilege! But even ten children are droplets when you consider the ocean of need around you."

Delivery Manager, Infosys & World Vision Child Sponsor

"My humble contribution to 6 children has given me a sense of humility and satisfaction, far beyond my expections. God bless World Vision for helping me with that realization."

Hemant trivedi
Fashion Designer & World Vision Child Sponsor

"Child sponsorship is not just about giving some money. It’s easy togive money. What matters is the involvement and the relationship. Givingpeople your time is more difficult than simply giving away your money."

Hyma Ramachandran

World Vision Child Sponsor

"I realized how my small help made a big difference to society as awhole."

Neelam Raut

World Vision Child Sponsor


I was inspired by the story of Malala who stood to fight for the girl's right for education. I was touched by hearing the stories of the unprivileged children of my age who could not go to school and fulfil their wishes due to various reasons even though they have the spark to urge the knowledge. Being a fortunate girl child living in Abu Dhabi with my parents I thought of what difference I could make for these little friends. We heard about the child sponsorship program of World Vision India and decided to sponsor a girl child to support her to aim high and to make her dream come true.

Navami Krishna

World Vision Child Sponsor

I am willing to give up my birthday gift and help a child like Nikitha. I’m sure my parents will provide for my needs. I want to become a fashion designer when I grow up; after each fashion show, I would like to use my profits to sponsor children in need. I have a friend in my School named Nikitha; I want my sponsored child Nikitha to also be my best friend and succeed in life.


9-year-old child sponsor

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