Success Stories

Saved at Death’s Door

Pooja is a happy and vivacious little girl living with her mother and sisters in a village of Madhya Pradesh. Her life today is a striking contrast from her journey with pain and sickness.
Pooja was two years old when her father Santhram died of cancer. Her mother, Rajkumari, struggled to take care of her three children. It was at this time that Pooja was included in World Vision child sponsorship programme. Child sponsorship enabled Pooja to have access to education and health care.
When Pooja was in the 3rd std., she became progressively weak over a period of three years. It came to a point where she could hardly walk. She experienced a severe burning pain in her chest.
Due to superstitious beliefs, Rajkumari refused to take her to the doctor. World Vision’s staff convinced her, and Pooja was taken to a hospital, 25 km away from the village. The diagnosis was Bone Tuberculosis. After 3 months of treatment, Pooja returned to her village, a healthy young girl. She is now in the 5th std. and aspires to be a teacher.

Health and Happiness

Selvammal lives in a small village in Tamil Nadu. She looks the part of a happy-go-lucky 7-year old in her school uniform with two pony tails and a pencil in her pocket. She is a sponsored child and studies in 3rd standard. Her mother passed away a few years ago. Her father Annamalai is a daily-wage labourer who works in the field to earn a living.
A few months ago, she was bitten by a poisonous insect. Her father, unable to provide medical support due to poverty, ignored it for a while. As the pain and itching grew unbearable for the child, he took her to a village medicine man who tried to cure her with herbs and concoctions. Her rash and infection spread quickly and boils appeared all over her body. World Vision India’s staff heard about her condition and rushed her to a private hospital where they consulted a skin specialist. She was given treatment for 6 months and World Vision India provided for her medical and healthcare expenses.
Today Selvammal is healthier than she has ever been. Thanks to her sponsor, Selvammal has received a new lease of life.

Bringing Water at the Doorstep

For the residents in the slums of Bhubaneswar, water had become a precious commodity. One tube well and two open wells were not adequate to meet the water need of the entire community. It was a difficult existence. Men and women walk long distances in search of clean potable water.
Families have to ration the amount of water they drink. Children suffer from water-related ailments.
About 65% of women work as maidservants and 35% men work as drivers. They find it difficult to reach their work place on time, as they are busy collecting water, travelling 1 to 2 km every day. Due to irregularity and unpunctuality, many lose their jobs.
At this desperate moment, World Vision assisted them with deep bore wells and submersible motor having overhead tanks, with water delivery points across several parts of the community.
Today, people have water supply at their doorstep. “When I received water at my door step, I was so excited. We get clean water. We are able to go to job reg0ularly. Our children are healthy and happy,” says Mrs. Jesma Nayak, a resident of this community.