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If you are not sure where to give, you can make a donation here.

You may find it hard to decide where exactly to donate. In such a case, Where Most Needed would be a preferred choice for you.

Your donations to Where Most Needed will help us respond quickly in areas of greatest need. From providing life-saving treatment to an ailing child to providing immediate response during natural disasters, World Vision India will ensure that all donations are used to meet the urgent needs of children and families in need.

We need your support to ensure that we are there for every child in need. You can do your bit by donating towards where most needed.


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Caroline C. D'Souza

World Vision India Donor

Over my ten year association with World Vision India, the organisation has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to help someone somewhere live a better life and make a future for themselves. Knowing that a child is happy with my gift is priceless!

Stories of change




3-year-old Kanishkasri, daughter of Logasundaram was moderately underweight and weighed only 10 kgs She was enrolled in World Vision India’s UMANG (Urgent Mangament and Action for Nutritional Growth) programme which started on 12th June 2017. After 30 days into the programme, Kanishkasri’s weight increased to 11 kgs. After 60 days of the programme she weighed 13 kgs. Kanishkasri’s mother, Saraswathi says her daughter now eats healthy food. Saraswathi has learnt to make a variety of new recipes that Kanishkasri likes. Even when Saraswathi forgets to go for the UMANG meetings, Kanishkasri reminds her to go.

An Organisation You Can Trust


As an organisation that works towards the best interest of the poor, we ensure to make the best use of our resources. Through your continuous support, children, their families and communities witness developments that open doors to lasting change.


Just as our partners faithfully give towards the upliftment of the poor, we are faithful in utilising the resources they trust us with.

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Tax benefits under sec 80G

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