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Blankets for Children



Children can snuggle up and keep warm in blankets during the winter season. These blankets will protect 6 children from the harsh weather conditions and prevent them from falling sick too.

General Medical Check-up



A general medical check-up will supervise health status of 10 children in our communities. Early detection and treatment of malnutrition and other illnesses will save a child's life.

Health & Hygiene kit



Many children suffer from chronic sickness for simple reasons like lack of personal hygiene. A health & hygiene kit will make sure children from 10 families enjoy a childhood free from illness.

Kitchen Garden



Greens and other vegetables will be within reach for 2 families with malnourished children. The kitchen garden will not only give good health for children but also support their families with income when they sell the extra yield.

Every child dreams of a great future. And education is the means to achieve the dreams. We are working towards making quality education a reality to every child across the country. Gift education to one child in need.