Rohit colours his aspirations with crayons.

14-year-old Rohit, a child with disability, from Faridabad, studies in the 9th standard. He was nominated along with 14 other children from across the country for the 70th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) this year.

Rohit presented the issues of children with disabilities from the National Capital Region. He also raised issues about education and future employment opportunities for children with disabilities.

"I go to school to gain an education, to become something in life and most importantly to disprove the stereotypical mindset that children with special needs cannot become anything in life and their existence does not matter. Society has no hopes from me, but I have hopes for me. 'I can do it' is the attitude I adopt" says Rohit.

Rohit, who wants to become a pilot, knows the road ahead is tough, but says he is ready to face the challenges head-on.

Children like Rohit need your support to lead a dignified life and to realize their dreams. Your gift of Child Sponsorship will mean a new lease of life for such children.

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  • Make a world of difference in the life of your child, his or her family and community
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Our Projects
  • CSI School for Deaf, Santhome

    Santhome Home for the Deaf is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The home serves children with hearing impairment.

  • Clara Olive Polio Home, Madurai

    Clara Olive Polio Home is located in Melur, Tamil Nadu, and serves children in Melur, Pasumalai and Rameswaram. The home works among children affected with polio and children who are mentally challenged.

  • Kanyakumari Deaf Home

    Located in Kanyakumari, this home serves children with hearing impairment. Children here receive both formal and non-formal education (computer training, tailoring training, carpentry work, crafts, etc.).

  • Krishnagiri Polio Home

    Krishnagiri Polio Home serves children affected with polio and children who are mentally challenged. Some children reside here, while others receive home-based support.

Our Works
  • Nutritious Food

    The children are provided with nutritious food to combat malnutrition and give them a healthy childhood.

  • Corrective Surgery

    Children affected by polio are provided surgery to correct their disability to a certain degree.

  • Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy sessions are also provided to enhance the motor capacity of the children affected by polio.

  • Education

    Children have access to quality education at all levels from reputed schools and colleges.