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Cyclone Amphan has battered the states of Odisha and West Bengal. Thousands of families are facing the devastation of the cyclone on top of the COVID-19 pandemic - a double crisis. Practicing social distancing and hygiene practices in cyclone shelters is extremely challenging to enforce, putting people at a greater risk of contracting the deadly coronavirus.

The affected families are deeply worried about lack of food and clean drinking water, and loss of livelihoods and shelters. Most of them are casual workers, migrant returnees, commercial sex workers, families’ dependent on subsistence agriculture and fishing. They have lost their livelihoods and are uncertain about their future.

Due to COVID-19 and aftermath of cyclone, the conditions to find employment remain bleak for several months. World Vision India is on the ground providing dry ration, non-food items (household essentials), WASH/hygiene kit, and shelter and livelihood assistance.

We need your help to restore and rebuild lives. Rush your support now. Donate to Amphan cyclone relief.

Cyclone Amphan Relief


Non-food Items


Dry Ration


WASH/Hygiene kits


Temporary shelter


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Rs. 9600

Rs. 4800

Rs. 2400

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Child Sponsorship: When you sponsor a child in need, you help create a lasting difference. Your sponsorship will ensure your child has access to quality education, good health care and nutrition and a caring environment. Sponsorship is a regular, periodic commitment and will ensure a long-lasting relationship with your sponsored child.
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Rs. 6700

Non-Food Items

2 bed sheets, 2 plastic mats, 1 mosquito net, 2 towels, clothing(2 for man, 2 for woman, 4 for children), solar lamps, 2 bowls, 2 serving spoons, 5 drinking glasses, 5 plates, 5 small spoons 
Dry Ration

Rs. 1500

Dry ration

Rice(20 kg), cooking oil (2 litres), lentils(2 kg), salt (1 kg),sugar(1 kg), tea powder (1 kg),biscuits(5 packets) 
Hygiene Kits

Rs. 1200

WASH/Hygiene Kits

1 bucket with lid, 1 tooth paste, 5 tooth brushes, 3 bathing soaps, 2 washing soaps, 1 detergent powder, 3 packs of sanitary pad, disinfection liquid (2L), chlorine tabs, hand sanitisers, 3 face masks
Temporary Shelter

Rs. 1100

Temporary Shelter

1 tarpaulin, 1 knife and 1 plastic rope
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