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Kitchen Garden & Tree Plantation


A family can cultivate a kitchen garden or grow trees, provide nutritious vegetables/fruits to their children and sell the surplus for income. Your gift will provide a constant supply of nutritious food for three families.




Nutrition Supplements


Lack of nutrition has lasting consequences on the health of the mother and the child. Your gift will help provide two mothers-to-be or lactating mothers with nutrition supplements.




Food Basket


Malnourished children can be restored to normal if they are provided with adequate and nutritious food. Your gift will help provide a food basket containing pulses and oil for five families in poverty




Girls & Women in Crisis Fund


Girls and women are subjected to different kinds of abuse and violence such as child marriage, child labour, sex trafficking and sexual abuse. This has a devastating consequence on their lives and futures. Your gift will support World Vision India’s work among girls and women in vulnerable situations and poverty context.




Higher Education


Many children cannot pursue higher education because their families cannot afford to pay the fees. Your support will help a child continue education and realise his or her dreams in life.




Orphans & Widows Fund


Orphans and Widows Fund will keep orphaned children and widows from slipping into financial crisis or emotional distress. Through appropriate and timely intervention, your gift will ensure that their needs of food, education and livelihood are met for a year.




Pond Deepening


In many parts of the country, clean water is a luxury. Children and women walk long distances to get water, keeping them away from school and other productive work. Your gift will help provide clean and safe drinking water to a community.




Ration Support for Families


Many families are struggling with just one square meal a day. The COVID-19 pandemic has made life harder for them. Your gift will provide ration support for one month for two families.




Farm Animals


As a result of the pandemic and the resulting lockdown, many people have lost their jobs and are struggling to feed their family. Your gift of farm animals like cow, goats or poultry will help these struggling families with means to livelihood.



Childhood lays the foundation for our adult life. Invest in a child’s life today for bright future and improve the community.