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Most girl children are not allowed to go to school owing to long distances and the fatigue they experience due to walking. A bicycle will prevent exhaustion and ensure a child has sufficient time to catch up on his/her daily lessons.

Child Basket



The child basket comprises a bag, pencil box, tiffin box, water bottle and a 3-fold umbrella. It will motivate 2 children to go to school regularly and will give them no reason to miss it either.

Coaching Classes



When we say we provide access to good education, we strive to offer the best we can. Coaching classes reinforce lessons taught in schools. These classes will help 30 children grasp new concepts effectively.

Fee for Higher Education



Many times the dream of a higher education remains unfulfilled owing to lack of funds. You can support one student with a higher secondary education or a degree.

Books and Notebooks



Taking notes during classes, doing homework and preparing for exams - books and notebooks - encompass the entire school journey. This gift will provide books and notebooks for 3 children.

Life School



Life school for transformational development (LSTD) is a 5-day programme for children during summer vacations. Here children learn moral values, child rights and much more through songs, dances, skits and other activities. Help 30 children discover their talents and confidence through the LSTD programme.

Every child dreams of a great future. And education is the means to achieve the dreams. We are working towards making quality education a reality to every child across the country. Gift education to one child in need.