Let Girls and Women Thrive

If you remember last year’s catalogue, there was a statistic, which said 48.4% of girls, wished they were boys. That’s half the number of girl children in the country.

It is obvious that girls and women are deprived of developmental opportunities. Education and health are compromised, protection and security are at an all-time low.

Day after day, girls face a world that has failed to exercise justice and care on their behalf. Instead, they live daily with the burdens of illiteracy, illness and exploitation. Unable to reach the full potential, the girl children grow into women who continue to be controlled by the oppression of poverty and culture.

World Vision India works at building a society that uplifts, builds and empowers girls and women.

Through the Girl Child catalogue, help girls and women thrive.

you can help Girls & Women Thrive

=> Choose the persons whom you wish to help

=> Contribute any amount towards their need

=> When other donors like you, add to your contribution, their need will be fulfilled

=> Your contribution will be the reason behind the change in the lives of these girls and women.


In India, there are millions of people living below the poverty line. Real Gifts helps you identify real people in need and provide them with sustainable solutions for improved living.
This crowd-funding platform enables people to come together to make change happen. Crowd-funding helps us pool funds from several donors to create a bigger impact.
Kindly note that the required donation amount is inclusive of the 12% overhead cost, with effect from June 2017.

Success Story

New life for Mangadevi

Thank you for helping us provide Mangadevi with a sewing machine. Now, she and her two daughters are happy that their lives are getting better. Mangadevi has started stitching and selling clothes for a living. She is able to meet the family’s needs and is slowly clearing all her debts too.

Success Story

Sandhya’s confidence of a better future

“I never thought my dream of becoming a teacher will be fulfilled. But today I have the confidence that my dream will come true in the near future. And this is because of the donors and World Vision India.” Sandhya’s parents couldn’t afford her higher education. Your help has boosted her confidence and has given the assurance of a better tomorrow.

Most girls do not have the freedom to reach their full potential. Help girls break free from the things that hold them back.