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Mala, former sex worker now an agent of change

Mala’s girl children are in school and they will not be required to involve in prostitution as their tradition demands. With the grocery store that Mala started with the help of World Vision, she is able to meet her household expenditure and also save some, for her daughters’ future.

Mala belongs to the Rajnut community in Rajasthan, where women are traditionally sex workers. Rajnut community lives in scattered villages along the highways of Jaipur district in Rajasthan; its economy is organized around prostitution.

Girls are gradually groomed to enter the sex trade and to accept responsibility for the upkeep of the family. Most men and boys in the villages depend on their women for sustenance beyond acting as pimps for their sisters and mothers. Education or other vocation is not seen as an option for the girls. This community is also discriminated against in the neighbourhood.

World Vision’s engagement with the community has given the girls and women, an option to earn without involving in prostitution.

Mala was barely 14 years old when her mother pushed her into prostitution. Her engagement in the sex trade drove her to marry one of her clients and the marriage with Rukh Veer became a blessing in Mala’s life, which restricted her from the profession.

Mala has three children named Nisha, Neha and Ariyan, all of whom are in school. Mala is a peer educator for World Vision India’s Jeevan Asha Project. Her desire is to attempt to save the lives of other girls who are in the same profession.

Today Mala runs a grocery shop out of the monetary support that World Vision gave her.. She wants her children to continue their studies and get married so they are free from the bondage of the sex trade. Today she is the agent of change in her own community.