Working with Children of Commercial Sex Workers

Treat them with dignity...Children of Commercial Sex Workers (CSW) face ostracism and condemnation because of their parent's profession. Lack of education leaves them with no options other than the flesh trade.

World Vision's interventions include helping children gain access to education and vocational training and making it possible for them to have an alternative career. The goal is to form a generation of youngsters who are empowered to step out of the flesh trade. Children's Clubs and 'Mahila Mandals' are forums where children and adolescent girls can find solutions to their problems.

(For the purpose of maintaining high levels of confidentiality, we are unable to portray the lives of children held up in such situations.)

Every child born into this world has the right to basic amenities like food, clothing, shelter, education and health. You can make this possible! Wipe away poverty from the faces of these innocent children!