First-in, last-out Approach

Whenever disaster strikes, natural or man-made, World Vision India generally follows the first-in and last-out approach. Our rapid response team reaches the ground within 24 hours the disaster strikes. Our work begins by assessing the extent of the damage and providing immediate emergency relief. For the first few weeks, we continuously distribute emergency aid and relief to residents affected by the disaster.

Over the following months, we help families stabilize by providing non-food items and livelihood support. We set up child-friendly spaces to provide children with a caring and safe environment.

Our staff remain with the communities until the families have recovered and are ready/able to start life again.

Our Response Team caters to the immediate needs of the affected population and adheres to the industry standards. Camps and the beneficiaries are identified on the basis of need alone.

Act Now! Save Lives!

I Want to Rush My Help to flood victims!
Chennai Flood Relief - Food items 1500 0
Chennai Flood Relief - Non-Food items 3000 0
Chennai Flood Relief - Hygiene Kits 2000 0
Chennai Flood Relief - Temporary Shelter 10000 0
Chennai Flood Relief - Child Friendly Space 5000 0
Chennai Flood Relief - Bio Toilets 50000 0
Chennai Flood Relief - Medical Camp 30000 0
Non food items for 10 families
Total Amount:

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A NGO today said it has pitched in with relief response in 15 districts in the drought-hit states across Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

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World Vision India was awarded the Mary Clubwala Jadhav Award by the Madras School of Social Work during the Chennai Floods.

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World Vision India was awarded the Best NGO award by the Hon'ble Mayor of Greater Chennai Corporation, Mr. Saidai Duraisamay on 29th February

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Expanding horizons through simple lessons

The life school for transformational development (LSTD) is a five-day programme conducted across our area development programmes, generally, during children's summer break. Through a child-friendly, interactive manner in the form of songs, dances, skits and other activities, the children are taught the importance of education, health and hygiene, proper nutrition and child rights.

How We Work

For as little as Rs. 800 a month, Child Sponsorship helps give a whole community access to life's basic essentials. This contribution from our supporters enables us to systematically invest in the ideal environment for child development.


We work to ensure children are educated for life through collective efforts in improving the quality of education and learning outcomes at different levels through infrastructure support, remedial education more

Gender and Development

We work with families and communities to eliminate negative cultural attitudes and strengthen their roles in improving the status of the girl child. Girl child education is encouraged through tuition more

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Our work on WASH/WATSAN focuses on providing children and families with access to clean drinking water and promoting good hygiene and sanitation practices through construction of toilets in schools, homes and more


Our livelihood interventions enable families to enhance income and provide better for their children. World Vision India provides economic assistance for better agriculture, livestock and small more


We work to address the causes of malnutrition with special focus on children below 5 years, pregnant women and mothers through counseling, emergency feeding programmes, nutrition gardens, health worker training more


We work to address the challenges of children with disabilities at all levels of society by forming and strengthening disabled peoples’ organisations, providing wheelchairs, facilitating better infrastructure for children with disabilities more

Humanitarian Emergency Assistance

World Vision India brings life-saving support in times of disaster. We are committed to long-term rehabilitation, helping communities affected by natural disasters or conflicts get back on their more


We work with the government to build a nation fit for children. Our advocacy initiatives are focussed on creating an environment that helps children reach their potential and where children and families have equitable access to services entitled to more

The Gift Catalogue is the best way to tell our children, their families and communities that their lives matter to us. Surprise someone with a gift today.